Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Pages 31 and 32

(beth) Touches of colored pencil to finish off the page.
(kirsten) Acrylic paint on top of the charcoal drawing. I like it as-is, but I think more color could be nice, too.

(beth) I stuck with the graphite and added water, a village, and a few more palm trees in the distance.
(kirsten) I saw so many of these on my spring break trip to St. John, I just had to put a palm tree into the book. There could be a scenic background or something more abstract coming - looking forward to what Beth comes up with!

Friday, March 03, 2006


Pages 29 and 30

(beth) I rather like the beetle and made him more colorful.
(kirsten) Ok... Maybe I should apologize for this one. Lol. We were doing insect crayon rubbings at school and in the absence of any other inspiration, I glued him in.

(beth) Well, this isn't quite what I'd intended to do to the page, and some of the ink seeped through to other pages, but at least it's something capable of being built on by something else.
(kirsten) A quick addition of some of my own marbled paper. A bit of a fun color contrast and repetition of the rectangles.
(beth) And finally for this round, a page begun with a strip of my newly marbled paper adhered to the left edge.


Pages 27 and 28

(kirsten) Beth added some last bits of color. All done!
(kirsten) A little acrylic paint, more color, more texture.

(beth) I so adore the creatures Kirsten put in. I used crayon on the background, looking for a different texture.
(kirsten) I used some pens to turn the dots into various rainforest animals. I like how they turned out - but it definitely needs more coloring. I thought that Beth would have fun coloring them in and adding background details.
(beth) The other side of the holes spread. Now the hole are revealing orangish dots with some other colors on the right hand side. I have some ideas of where this could go but it will be interesting to see what Kirsten does with it.


Pages 25 and 26

(kirsten) More dots and some captions for the yearbook. (beth) I gave them a reason to be together, but it's not quite done
(kirsten) The beaks just... arrived.
(beth) I added some tiny holes to mine - the eyes, and through the other side I colored in warm colors. I looked at the dots and decided to join them together. The people kind of remind me of muppets...

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