Sunday, February 05, 2006


Pages 23 and 24

(kirsten) It seemed like that diagonal vine was dividing the page somehow, so I decided to morph it into a snake to accentuate the division. Maybe something totally different will be happening up in the upper left hand corner...

(beth) Additional greenery. I love those leaves by the way. They have this great sheen and a little texture in person.
(kirsten) leaves falling. or floating. More gel pens

Saturday, February 04, 2006


Pages 21 and 22

(beth) Just a bit of background to finish off the page.
(kirsten) The colors just... exploded!

(beth) I blanked on this one for a while, then added the stamp border, then decided to echo it. It definitely needs more, with those colors just being an underlayer for something, but it's a start.
(kirsten) I used these stamps in another project and wanted to use them again here. I love idea that postage can be so colorful, and I think the rainbow theme really accentuates that quality.

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