Saturday, January 21, 2006


Pages 19 and 20

(beth) I've been working with a sea serpent image for a carving for print, so I added him here in watercolor pencils. Those did work MUCH better on this surface. And some extra tiny fishies. I'm really happy with the way this spread turned out.
(kirsten) I saw a fish here - so I used watercolor pencils as well, but just brushed over with a tiny brush to avoid the soakage issues.
(beth) I've been working in watercolor crayons, so thought I'd try them here. NOT horribly effective on this paper and some water did go through the binding to other pages, though it didn't hurt anything. Won't be doing this again. Especially since Kirsten will need to be a little careful of what she puts on top.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Pages 17 and 18

(beth) I didn't paint the background, but used colored pencil, going with the flow of the pears.
(kirsten) What can I say, I'm a newlywed! Lots of potential for more collage or a painted background?

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