Friday, November 25, 2005


Arrival 11/25

(kirsten) It's here! It's here!
Woo-hoo. First arrival of Beth's journal. It is nice to see the pages in person and I'll get to work in it soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Pages 5 and 6

(beth) After I saw Kirsten's picture I knew why the writing was wierd - the aliens did it. So I added sky and a UFO speeding off. *GRIN*

(Kirsten) Great paper. I had a little artist block so I took inspiration from a funny looking chicken ornament that I bought and turned her into a collage. She is a little confused about what all that writing on the billboard means, too!
(beth) I adore this paper. It reminds me of some sort of writing.


Pages 3 and 4

(beth) I filled the last two boxes with a memory of my trip to an exhibit of Ted Hallman's Fiber Labyrinths. The montage looks fantastic and these pages are done.

(Kirsten) The little boxes were fun to work in. I just filled them with some random doodles and a sketch from my trip to the Grant Wood art exhibit. I left Beth a few more boxes to play with.
(beth) Grids make good inspiration fodder because you can put things in little squares and they don't all have to match.


Pages 1 and 2

(beth) Introductions, I suppose, are a good way to start.


Visual Correspondence Project

The purpose of this blog is to record the results of a mail art project in visual correspondence. Kirsten and myself each start with a book; we both chose moleskines. I draw, paint, collage, play in mine a little bit and she does the same in hers. Then we trade and respond to what the other created, either on the next page or by altering the previous art. Then the cycle continues. Four of these projects are going on among members of the Embellished Circus. Keren/nuKKe suggested the idea and set up the partners.

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