Sunday, April 16, 2006


Pages 35 and 36

(kirsten) Oh my! I love this page. Beth is completely responsible for the great painting.
(beth) Didn't really have time to play with this page much, but I did start a background for the nifty robot.
(kirsten) It's a robot!

(beth) And here's an abstract something on the other side.


Pages 33 and 34

(beth) Fantastic idea! I filled in a couple of letters.

(kirsten) I was working on an alphabet book idea for a class when I made this page. Maybe there will be little images to represent each letter?

(beth) I wanted to add some two-sided stitching somewhere, as an evolution of the idea of piercing the page with holse, so I did just a little here. On this side we have squares, with the grid extended in pen.

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